About us


Giving shape to your ideas
Striving to inspire people with our passion and creativity!!

As a promotion company, we will support Japanese businesses around the world and make them shine

Global & Glitter

grand policy

We keep our “Cool” and composure We convey the “Real” to our clients through our “Active” spirits We deliver the “Flame” in our hearts and the marketing “Trends” to people all around the world.

We, G-craft, will lead our clients to success with our passion and continuously evolving creativity. We consistently offer the most suitable and effective services depending on industries, business conditions and store concepts by expanding our business domains and including sales promotion as human resources business in addition to design, production and execution.

Our 3 promises to everyone

Social nature

To build up a powerful company getting everyone engaged.

Scientific nature

To form a professional group having creativity and imagination.

Human nature

To cultivate a rich humanity and produce a good relationship.

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